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Our Favorite OLD Top Gear Moments: #9 – Hammond’s Return

There was one point in time when the fab three might have been a twosome from then on. 10 years ago, in 2006, Richard Hammond was filming a segment where he attempted to break the UK land speed record in the same car that did it prior, the Vampire. Vampire was a jet-powered dragster that had hit speed in excess of 300mph. As the story goes, a tire burst around 320 and Hamond went straight off course and into the grass where the car rolled.

The aftermath included him being airlifted to the hospital and “reduced to a child like state of mind” according to reports. Hammond then recovered over the next few months and was forbidden from drinking mass quantities of alcohol for a span of 2 years, something he mentioned in his first interview after the crash.

But the return was triumphant and Clarkson and May pull out the stops and welcomed him back with a set of airplane stairs and dancing girls.

I’m sure you, like us, were relieved when we knew he was going to be alright. Clarkson and May wouldn’t be complete without Hammond. Richard, we’re glad you’re here and gave us 12 more series of Top Gear before your departure. We look forward to seeing you in The Grand Tour!

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