Who Wins In A Drag Race: Tesla Or Lambo?

For all the videos online recently about the Tesla Model S P85D with Ludicrous Mode, you’d think that it’s the be all and end all for off the line drag racing. And you’d be partially correct.

With no moving engine parts, The Tesla’s Torque is instantly available at 0 RPMs making is stupidly, mind bogglingly fast off the line. But eventually, that steam runs out as the battery/AWD combo peaks sooner than most supercars. And here to prove that point is a Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4.

Watch below and realize that the Tesla isn’t the last word in straight line speed.

We still want to feel what a Ludicrous Mode launch feels like so if you’re in the NJ/NY/PA area and want us to shoot a video of you launching your car and us reacting like little girls, feel free to reach out to us HERE.

(Source: YouTube)


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