Ford Mustang Couldn’t Be Tamed And Tried To Eat Humans

It’s unfair that the world picks on the Ford Mustang for trying to kill people. You could say the same about any car driven by anyone. Just ask Ralph Nader, he thinks cars are Unsafe At Any Speed. But the internet can’t stop producing footage like this one below. Perpetuating the stereotype that Mustangs are sentient beings, lying in wait for the opportunity to injure.

This time it’s a pair of Mustangs drifting around each other. The spectacle resembled something out of a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus act. All was going well until one of the Mustangs lost track of the drift circle. Perhaps the Mustang lost focus, maybe the harsh treatment it received during its captivity and training made it say, “I’ve had enough!” Whatever happened, the Mustang decided to plow into the nearby crowd, taking out men, women, and children.

[button color=”red” size=”medium” link=”” icon=”” target=”false”]Mustang Attempts To Drift An Entire Circuit[/button]

The next time you see a Mustang leave a Cars & Coffee, or one drifting and drag racing, or even see one parked, Take caution. The Mustang pretends to be tamed, but sometimes it can’t be helped but be driven by an idiot driver.

(Source: YouTube)


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