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LEAKED: The Grand Tour Trailer – It’s Rubbish

The very first Grand Tour trailer for its first ever episode is “out” and it’s delivered via blurry steady cam! Not only is the quality rubbish, but the Boys seemed to have lost that Top Gear sheen in their presentation style.

It’s all a big joke of course.

Jeremy Clarkson starts off with improperly stopping the mint 911 in front of the camera and delivering an in-eloquent review fitting of a Porsche fanatic’s toddler. Then a false-Richard-Hammond double, James May, drives up in a false-Corvette-Z06, the Mercedes AMG GT-S. The drivel continues to pour out of the ex Top Gear presenters. Let’s just say these gents are very good at making fake drivel really entertaining.

(UPDATE: This is NOT a preview of The Grand Tour, as pointed out by our keen Facebook followers. Instead it’s from a showing of Clarkson, Hammond, and May Live. However, it is still still hilarious. Proceed….)

The second part of the trailer continues with a track test of the Corvette, the 911, and the AMG GT-S, where they attempt to find a third party impartial racing driver. Eventually they found a urine soaked Ben Collins to do all of their dirty work. Does this sound familiar at all? No, not one bit. This is all new stuff!

Despite the awful video quality, the Boys are no doubt returning to the screen with their pent up automotive bickering, that’s been building up for more than a year after Clarkson was abruptly sacked after punching a Producer. If these two videos are only previews for the upcoming Grand Tour in the Fall (Autumn) of 2016, we can’t wait to see how amazing the final product will look like. If you haven’t re-upped your Amazon Prime account yet, do it now!


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