Matt Leblanc’s New Car Has A Drift Button

Say what you want about Matt Leblanc, but there is undeniable proof that he is a gearhead, or petrolhead in British idiom. Leblanc’s love of cars and the cars he has owned are well documented. We know he’s owned a Ferrari 360 Modena which he traded in for a 458 Italia, a Mercedes ML63 AMG, a 2001 Porsche 996 Turbo (which was a manual), and is also hugely into Supercross and Formula 1. Calling him unfit for TG hosting or lacking in car enthusiasm is a wholely wrong statement.

Leblanc actually just proved to us once again that his automotive love runs deep. How has he done this? By going out and securing himself one of the most sought after cars of 2016, a brad new Ford Focus RS. Well done and good choice!


The post was sent out be none other than Ken Block who Leblanc rode with in the Hoonicorn Mustang through the streets of London. Block has been an integral part of the Focus RS development team and helped them implement drift mode to make the car extra hoonable. I massively approve of LeBlanc’s choice. Let’s hope he takes it out and treats it as it should be treated, as a daily driver that can pick up groceries on the way back from the track.

(Source: Instagram)


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