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Scenes From The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour just wrapped up its first live audience filming in Johannesburg, South Africa, and pictures and updates have been flying through the Boys’ and The Grand Tour’s Facebook pages. Starting with the tent itself, the GT tent is one massive facility setup in the middle of nowhere, seemingly prepped to take on the victims of the apocalypse.the grand tour - south africa tent

It’s unknown how long it takes to setup the whole set but according to Richard Hammond’s tweet, the guerrilla style set and filming schedule may be readily uprooted within a week. The next tent location has not yet been determined, but we know they will at least be filming in the States, the UK, and in Germany.

the grand tour - south africa taping audiencethe grand tour - south africa taping

It’s not yet known what exactly goes on during these live tapings. In the least they’ll use this portion to help segue into their films, which they’ll now have much more creative freedom over, compared to their more than decade old stint with the BBC. The set of the Grand Tour is absent of automotive iconography such as the wrecked pickup truck, Stig banners, car benches for seats, and the engine block coffee table found in that other show’s set that shall not be named. In its place are foldable tables and decorative luggage sets in the background.

The Boys have been busy tooling around with their Facebook Live streaming as well, and it seems like they haven’t nailed that process down just yet. However, they’re still hysterical while off the cuff:

Looks like Top Gear is completely in their rear view mirror as they seem to be having a great time on and off the job. We’ll be tuning in when The Grand Tour premiers in the Fall 2016


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