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Jeremy Clarkson Nervous About The Grand Tour

Filming for the Grand Tour in Johannesburg, South Africa is just around the corner, marking the return of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May to a live audience in more than a year. You’d think Clarkson would be more than ready to film for the new show, but perhaps after the frantic delays of the trip, Clarkson had this to say in his column with the Sun:

We’ve done it hundreds of times. It should be easy. I should be relaxed. But tomorrow, in a field just outside Johannesburg, James May, Richard Hammond and I will record the first studio segment for our new show, the Grand Tour. And I don’t mind telling you. I’m crapping myself.

amazon-top-gearThe last time the trio filmed was under the Top Gear banner before it abruptly ended in March of 2015 after the suspension and firing of Jeremy Clarkson.

After months of discussion with several networks the bunch was eventually picked up under the Amazon Prime streaming service, to which they brainstormed and teased the name for another couple of months under the hashtag: topgear-newshowThe name, The Grand Tour, comes after many moons of speculation and other attempts at coming up with a name, both seriously and also in a more distracted manner. Clarkson further explains that the old Top Gear format of filming will be binned in favor of a tent style presentation:

The actual release date of the Grand Tour episodes have not been confirmed but is slated for the Fall (Autumn) of 2016. And the only way to watch the bunch is via an Amazon Prime account. If you haven’t renewed your subscription yet, you can do so by going through here.

(Source: The Sun)


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