Porsche Is Making A Car To Compete Against Itself

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The Porsche 911 GT3 RS is one of the most bonkers cars you can buy today. The flat 6 engine producing 500 hp, screaming exhaust note, massive wing, and mind scrambling handling all add up to a car that you can’t touch for under a quarter of a million dollars. And even though it’s $250,000 or more dollars, depending on if you can even find one for sale, it might be potentially the best pound for pound car money can buy. This is illustrated by Chris Harris from his YouTube channel, before Top Gear fame, where he drives the GT3 RS, Aston Martin GT12, and McLaren 650s. It’s a nearly 30 minute video and it’s worth the watch.

But for Porsche, that version of the 911 isn’t insane enough. The legendary name plate of “GT2” is known historically as being the craziest 911s Porsche ever builds. It seems as though they are giving us another one and from the rumored technical figures, it’s bat shit insane. I love it.

Porsche is out testing what appears to be a more extreme version of its latest 911 GT3 RS.

However, a number of details suggest the car is actually a mule for a new 911 GT2.

Already confirmed by the 911’s chief engineer Andreas Preuninger, the new GT2 is expected to be the last member of the 991-series 911 family. Porsche already has mules for the next-generation car testing on public roads.

At the front of this particular mule we can see new intakes larger than the units on the GT3 RS. And at the rear are hidden vents at either side of the bumper, which typically indicate a turbocharged engine. These aren’t found on the GT3 RS.

Another key difference is the position of the exhaust tips. On the mule there is an exhaust tip at each side of the car whereas on the GT3 RS they sit at the center.

And according to Jalopnik, it was also spotted doing laps on the Nurburgring yesterday. In that same report, it’s rumored that the power output could be between 600 and 700 hp for the GT2. That is nerve shattering. This, of course, will be directly competing with the GT3 RS for sales, but given the popularity and demand for special 911s like this, no one is likely to care about that. I’m sure most owners will either already have a GT3 RS or will be legacy GT2 owners.

All in all, this swan song for the current 911 family might be one of the greatest, most terrifying 911s ever produced. I don’t know about you, but that makes me very scaredcited.

(Sources: Motor Authority and Jalopnik)


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