Who’s The Bad Guys In This Video?

“What the hell did I just watch?” was the first thought that came to our heads. We’re not sure if this was staged or something SERIOUSLY real, but the lack of understanding of the Russian language has foiled us again here, as there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on there. Russia, you crazy!

In another episode of Let’s-Stay-Out-Of-Russia (It’s not a show but it should be!) the video shows a cyclist getting into the path of a Porsche Cayenne. The driver of the Cayenne quickly hopped out, looking like he just did 100 wide-grip lat pulldowns, and confronted the cyclist by slapping him and getting uncomfortably close. Shortly after a white Land Cruiser pulled up right behind the Cayenne, at which point another passenger stepped out of the Cayenne to also start some commotion.

In a RIDICULOUS TWIST, a black VW passenger van pulled up behind the Land Cruiser and a couple of masked men hopped out with assault rifles drawn to either diffuse or aggravate the situations! The armed guys took the driver and passenger of the Cayenne into the VW, while one of them carjacked the empty Cayenne!

Again, we have to say “What the hell did I just watch?” And who are the bad guys? Anyone want to venture a guess?

(Source: Youtube)


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