This Teenager Just Bought A Car That Costs More Than The Average House

OK, so he’s not just any teenager. He’s Max Verstappen, Formula 1 driver for Red Bull, who stunned everyone when he won the Spanish Grand Prix in May 2016 after Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton traded car parts mid turn. That victory gives him the record for the youngest driver who has ever won a Formula 1 Grand Prix at the very ripe age of 18 years and 227 days, replacing Sebastian Vettel.

Now that he’s doing very well in the points race and has been finishing races very respectably, he has rewarded himself with a highly expensive and exclusive Porsche, the 911 GT3 RS, which is dialed in to the tune of more than $400,000. That is A LOT more than your average home price in the United States. Still, this is a lot more than the original asking price of a food-stamp like $180,000, so there might be some goodies in there we don’t yet know about. Regardless, there’s a good reason it costs so much as it is the most hardcore and track focused Porsche you can buy, that doesn’t have the numbers 9-1-8 and letters S-P-Y-D-E-R on it.

Mark Webber has congratulated the youngster on Twitter:

Must be nice to be so young and driving the craziest Porsche south of half a million dollars. But compared to what he drives for a paycheck, this Porsche is relatively tame and elementary. However, he’s still a new adult, so his father and also ex-Formula 1 driver, Jos Verstappen, put on the parenting shoes and had this to say:

If Max wants to buy something costly, he must get permission from us first. Like now with his private car. But Max is very responsible on normal roads.

We’re sure he’s going to be very responsible with this track dedicated Porsche on public roads. And if the rear end breaks loose from the 325mm wide tires, we’re certain he’s one that can pull the 911 back into place.

(Source: AutoEvolution)


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