Deadly Crash At The Nurburgring Claims 2, Injures 3 More

The Nurburgring is still the most dangerous track to be on in the world. It has claimed so many lives and countless other cars, yet people still continue to race on it and pay a small fee just to have one lap. We would do the same thing if we had the chance. However, some succumb

Tragic news out of Germany today where it’s been learned that two people have succumbed to their injuries in a horrific crash in the Kesselchen section of the track. According to the twitter account of, the picture shows a grim scene as the 90s Honda has the side crushed in.


The crash happened at an open track day, something that happens quite often at the ‘ring. This particular track day saw wet conditions and any day where there is dampness on the track it can take a turn for the worst at any moment. The report also said the driver lost control of the car, skidded sideways, and collided with the safety car. Both inside were killed. Two track marshals were also injured while tending to another crash that happens minutes before.

This just goes to show that any track day can turn bad in an instant. Be safe out there.

(Source: Twitter)


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