Short Track Race Ends In A Fight With The Cars As Weapons

Racing is a sport where heads that get big and emotions hot in the blink of an eye. It’s not a place where you should lose your cool. Yet, it happens all the time. Lewis Hamilton just flipped the bird in the Hungarian Grand Prix so this is the sort of thing that happens even at the pinnacle.

But what happens in the lower divisions? Not that NASCAR is a lower division because it takes a great bit of skill to keep a car pointed forward at 200 MPH with 8 other cars around you at the same time. NASCAR has had some famous fist fights in its history. However, I don’t think anything can beat the sheer brutality of short track racing. The emotions are high, the cars hit each other with a scary frequency, and when something goes wrong people get PISSED.

Here’s what started this whole rivalry started. 2 weeks prior they got together and almost fought in the middle of the track.

Seriously, this is incredibly dangerous, but damn is it entertaining. Maybe just brawl next time and, you know, leave the cars out of it? Might be a good call.

(Source: YouTube)


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