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Jeremy Clarkson Saved Lives Of German And French Tourists

If you’ve seen Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear then you know he’s one to quickly abandon his mates, avoid hard work, and leave the duty for someone else to take care of. This past weekend he managed to do the total opposite of his television persona and saved the lives of four people!

As seen through his cryptic Twitter of “I just saved the lives of two Germans,” and “Now I have rescued two French people. I apologised for Brexit,” it was unclear what he actually did to warrant calling himself a hero. Knowing the role he plays as an automotive critic and journalist on the very popular show, Top Gear, he might as well have given half-assed directions to a bunch of lost tourists. Instead he legitimately saved lives as The Sun has confirmed!

Prior to his rescue, Clarkson had tweeted his love for turning carbon into speed:

Jeremy Clarkson then diverted his yacht to save a group of tourists that had drifted out on their lilos, a mile away from Majorca, Spain.

They burst out laughing when they saw who was rescuing them

I loved seeing the look on their faces. They didn’t realise they were going to float off to North Africa. We were on a bigger boat but there was a rib at the back so we used that to tow them back in.

They were all in their twenties and a mile out to sea. You’ll never paddle back in from there.

If you don’t know what a lilo is, it’s an inflatable air mattress used for the swimming pool and looks something like this:lilo-jeremy-clarksonAfter rescuing the tourists who were slowly but surely floating away to their demise, Clarkson took the opportunity to poke fun of the Brexit situation and commented on how the UK and the EU should cooperate by stating, “I am a better and more constructive foreign secretary than Boris Johnson,” and “There is an Irish person on our boat, helping me to save French and German people. This is how the EU should work.”

He then celebrated his heroic feat the best way he and his television persona can: “I have now saved all the people who were being swept out to sea by a very brisk wind and am going to the pub.”

Jeremy Clarkson who was fired for punching a producer back in the Spring of 2015 will be back on a different automotive show, The Grand Tour, which airs via Amazon Prime starting in the Fall of 2016. Thanks to this heroic act there are now four more people watching the show.

Cheers, Jeremy! And thank you!

(Source: The Sun & Twitter)


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