Is Your Car Still A Sleeper If Its Written On The License Plate?

Today Matt Farah drives an Acura TL that sounds like it shouldn’t exist. This supercharged Acura TL Type-s  produces 700 horsepower which it sends through the front wheels via a 6-speed manual. The TL is able to achieve this incredible level of power thanks to a sleeved 3.5litre J-Series v6 engine and a Rotrex C38-92 Supercharger. The centrifugal supercharger is able to make immense horsepower while remaining more drivable than a similar turbo setup thanks to the linear power band. This engine was built in the kitchen of the owner with a group of friends looking to create one of the fastest Acura TL’s in the world.

The completely stripped out Acura sedan sounds like it would be impossible to drive without severe torque steer, but Matt proves that correct throttle modulation goes a long way. With supporting handling mods like Megan racing coil overs, and 4-piston Brembo brakes, this build elevates the Acura TL to a completely new level.

On the track it later turns out that the car was only on its 450 horsepower tune which is still 200 horsepower over the stock number. This ridiculous TL may not be perfect but this oddball build deserves a lot of credit. Not only did they build something totally unique but it started in a kitchen with some friends.


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