Only In China Can A Ferrari Collide With ANOTHER Ferrari

We get it, China, you’re pretty loaded. Your economy is so damn strong and your people are so rich that you are able to afford multi-million dollar apartments in Manhattan, and other cities like London and Sydney, just as a means to park your cash. It’s pretty well known that you can find many people in China driving exotic cars from Italy and to casually find them strolling about in your normal day. So it also shouldn’t be a big shock to find that only in China can a Ferrari 488 GTB CRASH into another Ferrari 488 to Chinese media, a silver Ferrari 488 crashed into the left rear bumper of the white Ferrari 488 GTB, right before crashing into a guardrail in the median. The crash was apparently caused by a dog crossing the street. The white 488 had hit the brakes to avoid hitting the dog, which survived, but the silver 488 couldn’t stop in time and turned into the median to avoid the fender ferrari-488-gtb-crash-4ferrari-488-gtb-crash-3 ferrari-488-gtb-crash-9ferrari-488-gtb-crash-7

There were no serious injuries but the cars look pretty badly damaged. The rear suspension of the white 488 seemed to have absorbed the brunt of the impact, while the silver 488 verified its crumple zones actually works. Each of these supercars dial in well over $600,000 and is powered by a 3.9 liter twin-turbo V8. It’s uncertain how quick these cars were driving right before the accident, but the GTB has the equipment to go from 0-62 mph in 3 seconds.


We’re guessing the damage isn’t enough to total either of the GTBs but knowing the caliber of these cars and its owners, chances are they have signed the paperwork for another half-million-dollar replacement.

(Photo Source: SlideNewsSina)


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