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The Grand Tour Cuts A Giant Portrait In Half

Remember that one time when Jeremy Clarkson tweeted: “To the people of Vicenza. Richard Hammond will show himself today in Piazza dei Signori in Vicenza around 3.30/4 pm,” and a MASSIVE crowd ended up showing? Well there’s another camera angle, in glorious 4K, that shows Jeremy Clarkson driving in the Aston Martin DB11, James May in the Rolls Royce Dawn, and pulling in the rear Richard Hammond in the Dodge Challenger.

What we can clearly see in this video is that the Challenger has been strapped with a sawed-off portrait of a man in a suit. It seems like the recurring ‘gift-gag’ that we’ve run across in old Top Gear seasons might be making an appearance again in The Grand Tour, and we totally support this. the grand tour portrait The question is, what’s the challenge and what would have caused the Hamster to strap a gigantic portrait on the Challenger?

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