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Jeremy Clarkson And James May React To Chris Evans’ Exit

When you put together star power and social media you’ll get exactly what the Grand Tour boys, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May experienced in Vicenza, Italy. Recently Clarkson just informed over half a million of his Facebook followers to meet them in Piazza del Signori, and the response was staggering. They showed up in the cars they’ve been comparing for a couple of days, which is the Rolls Royce Dawn (the same one we saw in Top Gear season 23 episode 5), the Dodge Challenger, and the all new Aston Martin DB11.

The DailyMail was there to grab pictures and grabbed this video:

The cameraman asked both James May and Jeremy Clarkson whether they are “Chuffed”, British for very pleased, about Chris Evans’ exit from Top Gear after one disastrous season. May then responded by saying “very chuffed,” while Jeremy Clarkson responds by saying “Don’t be stupid” before trying to grab the camera. According to the Daily Mail:

Crew working on their show claimed Clarkson intentionally staged the scenes of chaos in the stunning piazza as ‘a two fingers up’ to his TV rival, Evans.

‘Jeremy’s been trying to keep quiet about it, but he’s pleased as punch,’ one unnamed cameraman said.

Seems like Jeremy is getting the satisfaction of seeing Top Gear go through a meltdown, given what the BBC has done to him leading up to his firing. However, it looks like Jeremy has put all of that behind him as The Grand Tour boys seem to be thoroughly enjoying their time together, whether it be putting shipping boxes together or live streaming themselves. If this mob display is any indication, The Grand Tour will be a massive success, and there may just be mob scenes wherever they go. We cannot wait until they come to the States!

(Source: Daily Mail)


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