Lamborghini Murcielago Hydroplanes Into Another Car And Then A Wall

It’s apparently crash day today. Can we stop having everyone just crash into everything please?

This one comes to us from Moscow, Russia where a Lamborghini Murcielago was driving on a rain soaked highway. Driving a supercar in rainy conditions on tires not suited for rainy conditions is obviously not ideal, but you can get around. Just slow down and don’t drive like a dickhead right? Well apparently this dummy did not get that memo.

So much wrong here especially passing in the right lane while the left two are going slower. Also that chrome wrap. Yuck city. Luckily no one was hurt that we know of or has been reported.

This also bring up a good point. People, please, all wheel or 4 wheel drive does not make you a hero and does not make your car invincible in weather. Your drivetrain is only as good as the rubber attached to your wheels. When you have crazy weather, AWD doesn’t mean anything. See this video as evidence to that.

(Source: YouTube)


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