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The Grand Tour New Footage: James May Sets Off Without A Steering Wheel

Here’s another fresh video from The Grand Tour.

Have you ever climbed into a race car and get befuddled with all of the start up procedures? Don’t worry as it happens to the best of us. In fact, it has happened to James May. In this latest clip of The Grand Tour’s ‘On The Road’, May explains an instance when he climbed into a car, fiddling with the harness system, gets ready to set off, only forgetting that he hasn’t put the steering wheel back on.

Out of the trio, we didn’t expect Captain Slow to be the one sharing this story, as he’s the most meticulous one out of the three (Just check him out assembling this lawnmower). We would have expected Jeremy Clarkson to be one to drive off without the steering wheel installed.

We cannot wait until The Grand Tour to come streaming through our screens in Fall 2016. The only way you can watch these three guys is if you have Amazon Prime, and if you haven’t subscribed you can click on this link. You should sign up ASAP because their show is just around the corner.

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