How Much Do You Know About The Porsche 911?

How much do you know about the 911? Porsche’s gift to the sports car world is endlessly discussed and analyzed as it continues to show us just how good a car can be. The 911 is a result of endless development and constant racing to improve the breed and create the world’s greatest sports car. Today Porsche is one of the most successful car manufactures in the world but it wasn’t always that way.

In the early days when Dr. Ferdinand Porsche’s design studio created the Volkswagen, or people’s car, for Adolf Hitler it was always Porsche’s intention to develop a sports car based off VW parts. When he pitched the idea as a propaganda opportunity, Germany began funding his project to build a race car which, resulted in the Type 60K10. Unfortunately some events during the 1940’s derailed this idea, and Porsche did not start building his sports car until the 1950’s. The Porsche 356 was a ground breaking sports car based on VW’s air-cooled engine and parts to keep cost low. It changed what a sports car could be, and was one of the first cars you could take to a race track and then drive home with no issue.

After the success of the 356, which was near the end of its life span, Porsche began development of a rear engine sport coupe that would eventually be known as the 911. The 911 introduced a larger 6-cylinder engine and many other features we take for granted today. When we look back at the countless races won by the 911 and the ground breaking features it introduced the impact is even greater than we can imagine.

Back when the History Channel actually taught you things, they released a documentary about the 911. You may think a 40 minute YouTube video is too long but trust me you have time to learn about one of the greatest sports cars ever built.


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