You Don’t Have To Spend Six Figures To Look This Good

If you’ve seen the Suicide Squad movie then you’ve seen this car before. The Joker’s supercar looking ride looks like a Lamborghini Aventador and a Bugatti Chiron made love and gave birth to the Lambogatti. Which then got all romantic with a catfish and gave birth to this thing, the Vaydor G35.
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The G35, as in the Infiniti G35 Coupe from 2003-2007. This is a “Re-Body” as Matt McEntegart, owner of Vaydor Exotics, coins it. The Vaydor G35 takes an existing G35 and strips all of the cosmetics off the car. The fenders, the trim, the glass, and the doors have all been disintegrated, leaving behind the car’s skeletal remains, drivetrain, wiring, and miscellaneous systems like the AC.

Once you’ve stripped the car it only takes a non-supercar $11,000 to turn the bare G35 into the Vaydor G35. The fiberglass kit includes:

  • 1 Main Rear Body Shell
  • 1 Front Clip (Fenders and Bumper)
  • 2 Door Outers, 2 Door Inners, 2 Inside Door Braces
  • 1 Hood Skin, 1 Hood Inner
  • 1 Roof Wing Cover, 1 Roof Wing Inner
  • 1 Rear Hood Skin, 1 Rear Hood Inner
  • 1 Gas Filler Bucket
  • 2 Side Roof Rails
  • 2 Lower Rocker Splitter
  • 2 After-Door Vents
  • 2 Fender Vents
  • 1 Cowl/ Lower Windshield Cover
  • 3 Rear Exit Vents (Tail Light Area)
  • 1 Rear Floating Wing
  • 1 Front Lower Splitter
  • 2 Rear Fender Wells
  • 1 Front Core Support
  • 2-Quarter Glasses
  • 1-Rear Glass
  • 1-Center Tail Light
  • (Parts listed above are for the hard top. Spider parts list will vary slightly (Removable Hard Top, etc.))
  • 1 Full Cage
  • 2 DOT Headlights

You’d then need another $3,000 for the interior materials which consists of:

  • 2- Seats and Seat Backs
  • 2-Door Panels
  • 1- Dash Board
  • 1- Console Center
  • 1- Center Console Rear
  • 1- Gauge Cluster Top
  • 2- A-Pillars
  • 2-Quarter Panels-HT
  • 1-Headliner-HT
  • 1-Dash Center Trim
  • 1-Center Console Trim

If installed properly the results are amazing, probably as amazing as the story of the man who built this kit. As seen in the video, Matt took some big risks while tirelessly working on his passion, proving that success happens when you put in a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck comes your way.
So if you feel like becoming the Joker and driving in a Vaydor G35, you should give Matt a call and give him some of your business. Where else can you own a car that looks like a supercar without the supercar price tag? And if you’re curious, it does come as a Spider body style!

(Source: Youtube & Vaydor Exotics)


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