7.0 Liter V8 Meets BMW Wagon

Fast wagons are some of the best cars on the road. Their ability to mix utility with the driving experience of a sports car makes them the most logical choice for a car enthusiast. Unfortunately, here in America we don’t get the fast wagons Europeans have been enjoying for decades because your all convinced you need SUVs. This leaves American fast wagon enthusiasts with few choices to satisfy the craving for a fast practical wagon forcing some to build their own. This week on bring a trailer you can buy a Brown, 6-Speed manual , BMW 5-series wagon with a 7.0 liter LS engine.


The seller took a 1999 BMW 5-series wagon which, was painted in a factory custom Mojave Brown Metallic paint, and replaced the BMW drive train with a LSx 427 Iron-block V8 mated to a T56 Tremec magnum gearbox to create the ultimate muscle wagon. This 7.0 liter V8 has been dynoed at 493 horse power and 467 lb-ft of torque more than doubling the car’s original power levels. The massive V8 also improves the sound track over the stock inline-6, and plays the classic American muscle car sound track through M style quad exhaust pipes.

In addition to the massive V8 under the hood this car has an immaculate interior and still retains a stock like driving experience. To match the huge power of the V8 the car now has a Brembo big brake kit with four piston calipers with massive 355×32 mm front rotors. To complete the package the car currently sits on a bespoke suspension setup based on Fortune Auto M5 500 coilovers. The seller also notes a reinforced rear differential to handle the extra power.

LS engine swaps are quite common but in this context it’s simply amazing. A wagon like this will surely cause a riot in the Jalopnik offices once they learn of its existence. Its one of the greatest examples of modern engine swaps placing a massive V8 into a luxurious brown German wagon. Sure LS swapped Miatas are cool, but they don’t have enough room to haul the family.


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