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The Grand Tour In The US! The Boys Are Not Sure How To Act Like Americans

The Grand Tour trio has finally arrived to the United States to record their live in-tent session. This episode is reportedly the first one to air when it premiers on Amazon Prime for the very first time on Friday, November 18th. When they arrived, the Boys quickly took to Twitter and their newly acquired social network, Snapchat, to tell us all about it. What’s clear is that despite the many trips they’ve taken to the States, they’re still confused by all of ‘Murican’s little oddities.

Please don’t, Jeremy. Those passive aggressive signs are just the Americans’ way of saying “No smoking, asshole! But apparently you don’t respond to threats well, so here’s a nicer way of saying it. Thanks!” It’s the same thinking as the convenience store signs saying “No shoes, No shirt, No service.” So we dare you to show up wearing everything but pants and underwear.

Americans are weird with their vices. Chances are you can’t consume multiple things that may kill you, in one specific location. Perhaps this was born out of the fear that a child’s potential in life might be ruined by the sight of someone simultaneously drinking alcohol, smoking a cigarette, and looking extremely cool doing so.

Meanwhile, JamesMayIsACock, has been on Snapchat taking pictures like a moron tourist. We love it though, because we can see the struggle that is visiting a new place while also trying to work a new piece of technology. James May in America while on Snapchat is equivalent to an American being anywhere outside of America and appreciating the most mundane stuff. See for yourself:

img_3215 img_3216

What is this about James? Are terminals in the UK awful?img_3217 img_3218 img_3219 img_3220

We’re glad the Boys made it safe to the States so they can get to work on their live show! In the meantime, if you want to check out what The Grand Tour is all about, here are 9 things that we know about the show right now. If you want more details on how to subscribe to Amazon Prime, please click on the link here.


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