If Acura Builds An NSX Type-R, It Might Look Like This

And hooooooooooly crap does this look fantastic.

When the NSX was announced, delayed, built, scrapped, built again, delayed again, delayed some more, and then FINALLY unveiled to the public, it came in with a bit of a thud. It’s not the NSX’s fault. The car is a massive engineering achievement and one of the best looking cars currently, in my humble opinion. Acura just killed it by delaying it so much. It also doesn’t help that the exact day you release it for public eye consumption, Ford mic drops a new GT that no one in the auto world knew about at all until Ford drove it out on stage; something that is really never done anymore. So the NSX was great, but Ford just killed the hype.

Still, with a new NSX, and since the car has such a legendary lineage, people are crazy for it. Why wouldn’t they be? It’s amazing looking and it has excellent performance, even though it’s not what people were expecting. However, that performance is set to potentiall get even more hardcore with a NSX Type-R. We theorized 5 reasons why they’d make it, and you can read that right here, but a new rendering spotted by the good folks over at Motor 1 gives us an insight as to what a Type-R might look like.

It’s an enthusiast panty dropper.

This rendering of the NSX Type R suggests that the hardcore version of the supercar could look a little like the GT3 racercar.

While Honda isn’t saying anything official yet, bountiful rumors suggest that a Type R version of the new NSX is already underdevelopment. There aren’t many facts available about the hardcore model yet, but it’s always fun to imagine what the engineers might create. With this rendering, the artists at OmniAuto show the direction they think the hotter version might take.

All the rumors agree that the NSX Type R would follow the classic recipe of more power and less weight. We don’t yet know how Honda’s engineers might achieve that goal, though. Some speculation suggests the coupe would make even more extensive use of carbon fiber.

Of course this is all speculation, but the folks at Omniauto have a pretty good representation as to what we could see on the road. It looks the part and should give us insight into what Acura has up their sleeve. I still think it’ll be built. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take as long as the normal car did to break cover.

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