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The Grand Tour Has Run Out Of Money

That may be Andy Wilman’s way of saying “WE HAVE SO MUCH MONEY!” as he responded to Jeremy Clarkson pleading for a rehearsal of The Grand Tour. Clarkson was referencing the filming of the Southern California live and in-person segment, where they film under a MASSIVE tent. This live tent session will be in the premier episode of The Grand Tour when it comes out on Amazon Prime on November 18th, 2016.

In the video Clarkson talks about the caliber of the production team, which looks fit “to fight a small war, control an aircraft carrier, or fly a spaceship.” Even under working situations the team still can make a quick joke and get a laugh, showcasing the incredible talent and brilliant minds behind the old Top Gear.

Andy Wilman might be telling the truth that “they’ve run out of money.” Even though the W. Chump & Sons Boys are making a ton of money, much more than they were when they were working for the BBC, Wilman had described in a previous interview that Amazon deals with the budget a little differently than what they were used in the BBC.

To catch more of our coverage about The Grand Tour you can click on our link here. The Grand Tour will be available on Amazon Prime’s streaming service starting on Friday, November 18th, and will be released on a weekly basis. To get more details about the show and how you can watch it, click here.


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