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The Grand Tour Sucks At Appealing To The Younger Generation

The old Top Gear trio, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are one of the best entertainers in the world. They’ve generated a huge cult-like following from their stint with Top Gear starting around 2002 up until it abruptly ended in 2015. Since then they’ve been drumming up a ton of interest for their new show, The Grand Tour (which streams on Amazon Prime starting November 18) by doing commercials, revealing trailers, doing various ‘On-The-Road’ videos, and being their general rambunctious selves on the internet.

This time The Grand Tour trio has taken a step back in their attempt to appeal to the younger generation by recruiting none other than their very own James May to start up a Snapchat account.

For those not familiar with Snapchat, it’s a social network program that allows you to… who are we kidding, we don’t know what Snapchat is. We do know that it’s widely preferred by the younger generation over other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So to see the most meticulous and dull (but entertaining in his own ways) member of the trio lead up this social network effort is quite confusing.

Perhaps it’s a great strategy because we gave him a follow, making James May the ONLY person we subscribe to on Snapchat. Jeremy Clarkson doesn’t seem to have a lot of faith in this effort, however.

We’ll have to see whether this Snapchat crusade will work or not, but judging from what we’ve seen so far…

If you want to help James May and The Grand Tour boys on their Snapchat quest, check them out James May at… we can’t believe this… JamesMayIsACock. That’s JamesMayIsACock on snapchat.

In the meantime, if you want to check out what The Grand Tour is all about, here are 9 things that we know about the show right now. If you want more details on how to subscribe to Amazon Prime, please click on the link here. November 18th will come soon enough!


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