We Just Did Our First Podcast With Untitled Car Show! Come Take A Listen.

After a while and after you’re in the automotive industry long enough you get to know some people. Not in a mafioso kind of way. More of a, “Hey I’ve heard of you before. What’s up!?” kind of way. That’s what just happened to us.

The good folks over at the Untitled Car Show had myself, Hansen, and Chad, all three parts of Shifting Lanes on the other day and we chatted about what Shifting Lanes is, what we do, how we do it, and dream cars. There also may have been mention of “truck nuts,” but we’ll just let you take a listen. Here’s out take on shat Shifting Lanes is all about.

You can find all of the Untitled Car Show’s podcasts right here. They’re interviewed some of the industry’s biggest names so they are ALL worth a listen. Thanks again to UCS, we’ll be on there again real soon!


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