McLaren Just Denied The Apple Purchase Rumor

Well that lasted all of 2 hours. Exactly that long ago the internet automotive world absolutely exploded with the rumor that Apple was in talks for months with McLaren about purchasing the supercar maker outright. Now it seems that was a bit premature of an answer.

According to NEW reports, a McLaren executive has reached out to publication The Verge via email stating, “We can confirm that McLaren is not in discussion with Apple in respect of any potential investment.” Another source states that there’s no truth to the rumor at all saying, “there’s no chatter, no acquisition.” So what does that mean exactly? Allow me to explain.


When things like this happen, specifically when leaked information gets out that you’ve worked months on behind closed doors, a bit of damage control needs to be set in motion. Right off the bat you need to deny the rumors, which McLaren did. This throws everyone off the scent. Though many skeptics will remain, you’ve done your due diligence to keep people guessing. Step 2 is to close out the deal as fast as humanly possible mainly because if this leaked, what else is going to get out there. There’s also the chance that the leak shuts down a deal entirely.

What can we make from all that? Well there are nuggets of truth to both sides of the story. It’s highly probably that there is a deal being worked on in the background, but it’s also probably that the deal either currently stalled or went south already and there are no further updates at this time. So both sides are partially true. This is, of course, all speculation, but the denial of the rumor gives both credibility to it and helps to muddy the waters for those involved. Plus, it gives the media something to spin their wheels with whilst something potentially gets done in the interim.

So honestly, who the hell knows. This will all play out in time, but for now we can assume that this deal won’t be happening thanks to the McLaren statement.

(Source: The Verge)


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