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Jeremy Clarkson Doesn’t Seem To Mind The BBC Anymore

Not too long ago Jeremy Clarkson and The Grand Tour crew got in a little bit of a kerfuffle with the locals, over flying some drones. Turns out all of that hubbub is for making a commercial for Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. In it, Clarkson lists all of the Amazon program offerings, including the BBC’s iPlayer. Here it is for your eyeball consumption:

On the surface, Clarkson isn’t exactly on good terms with the British Broadcasting Corporation, as he was fired from his Top Gear position back in Spring 2015. So we were a bit shocked that he mentioned the BBC by name. Unlike his previous commercial with Amazon where he mentioned he was “suddenly became unbusy.” Perhaps he’s beginning to warm up to the folks in the BBC, or maybe he’s now making a buttload more money that nothing in the past matters as much anymore.

If you want to catch up on all of the latest on The Grand Tour, you should head over to here to see our latest coverage. To subscribe to Amazon Prime (which is the only way to watch the Boys) you can head over here for the details.


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