Watch As This Motorcyclist Gets Run Over By His Own Mother

Ummmmmmm. Yea. There’s not really much else to say on this one.

The below video starts out as nothing more than a goodbye in a parking lot between a mother and son with the son off on his motorcycle. He puts his helmet on, fresh with a camera, and off he went. He’s driving around, minding his own business and then all of a sudden he gets rear ended. he turns around to find out that it’s his own mother that he left a few minutes prior.

It sounds like, “Goddammit, Mom,” is a phrase this guy has said on a few occasions. Glad everyone is okay after such a scary collision. Even at low speeds, this shows that motorcycles are susceptible to big time damage with little impact.

I’m not a big motorcycle guy, but they are on the roads too and we all need to watch out for them. Even if they’re your own son.

(Source: YouTube)


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