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Alfa Just Broke Porsche’s Sedan Record At The Nurburgring

I think it’s now safe to say that Alfa Romeo is back in a big way.

The last two years have seen Alfa expand back in to the US, albeit slowly, with the 4C and we’re about to the the highly anticipated Giulia (pronounced JOO-lee-uh, like the woman’s name) sedan that will compete directly with the BMW 3-series and others in that class. When the Giulia was announced, Alfa decided it’d be good to launch it with the highest spec, the Quadrifolgio. It instantly garnered insane amounts of attention and seeing it up close in person at the New York International Auto Show this year made me a believer in it’s beauty. But what about the performance?

Well good news as is seems Alfa has that covered as well. If you’re not familiar with the specs, the 505hp monster living under the hood helps propel the car, well, rapidly. We all knew it’d be fast in a straight line, but what about where it really counts: the twisties. Turns out, it’s pretty damn good there as well. In fact, the Guilia Quadrifolgio just beat the sedan lap record on the ‘ring as they unseat the reigning champs in Porsche with their Panamera.

Here’s the lap.

Brutally quick, beautiful, and already breaking records? I think it’s safe to say Alfa is here to stay in the states once again.

(Source: YouTube)


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