This Is What Happens When You Remove Traffic Signs From An Intersection

Hint: CHAOS.

In a small Romanian town, the mayor thought it’d be a great idea to take out the traffic lights from one sleepy little intersection. I mean what’s the worst that could happen, right? The mayor of this town was clearly banking on the good of humanity and thinking that people would easily give way to others because of good nature. He also said that it would “calm traffic.” Yea, that’s not a thing.

What happened was absolute chaos as time after time after time we see in the video below that you most certainly DO need traffic signs.

I mean the intersection isn’t a busy thoroughfare, why take the signs out to calm traffic? It couldn’t have been that bad in the first place. People have too much faith in other motorists. You need stop signs at the minimum or else this happens. Lesson learned, but man that was stupid.

(Source: YouTube)


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