Hero Actually Off-Roads A Subaru XV Crosstrek And It’s A BEAST

Some may see the Crosstrek as more expensive lifted Impreza but, Jim the owner of this extensively modified example, saw it as a blank canvas to build an off road monster. The XV Crosstrek was never meant to be the perfect car to take on difficult off road trails like a jeep wrangler, but a few important modifications can change that.

The Crosstrek may have a higher ride height than a regular Impreza, but without the addition of off road tires it would hardly fare better on an off road excursion. Jim added larger wheels and tires to increase his car’s off road ability, and increase the ride height to clear more obstacles. In addition to the tires, their is a front bumper delete, and enough lights to simulate your own artificial sun during night excursions. These modifications are not only functional, but make this the coolest looking Crosstrek on the planet.

This Crosstrek is the perfect example of working with what you have. Jim never bought this car with the intention of modding it to conquer off road trails, however, today it is more the capable. With careful planning, and a bit of creativity this Crosstrek is transformed into the machine Subaru wants you to think it is.

Now, if we could only drop in a WRX engine and see what this thing would do with some boost.


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