And The Lawsuits Keep On Coming. About 1400 Of Them.

The Volkswagen diesel scandal continues and more lawsuits are being filed. Though this time it’s not coming from the U.S. Justice Department (which sued them for $46 billion), nor is it coming from the Federal Trade Commission over false advertising of their “Clean Diesels”. Now the lawsuits are coming from the Volkswagen investors themselves to the tune of $9.14 billion in damage claims.

Over 1,400 lawsuits have been filed with the Braunschweig regional court, according to NBC News:

The Braunschweig court said it received some 750 lawsuits on Monday alone, which marked the first business day after the one-year anniversary of VW’s diesel emissions test-rigging scandal.

It said it brought in extra staff to process the suits submitted by shareholders concerned that Sept. 18, the day VW’s manipulations were uncovered a year ago, may be the deadline to file.

The manipulations were Volkswagen’s software which was capable of detecting when the vehicle was undergoing an emissions test. The software would then operate the vehicle in a more ‘clean’ method, passing the diesel emission test with flying colors. However, outside of the testing regiment the vehicle would then emit “up to 40 times” the legal allowable limit of some pollutants.VW Clean diesel settlement pricingThe scandal has affected over half a million Volkswagen and Audi diesel owners, and if you have own any of these 5 diesel models before the scandal broke on September 18th, 2015 then you will be seeing some compensation for Volkswagen’s wrongdoing, ranging between $5,100 to nearly $10,000.

(Source: NBC News)


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