Richard Hammond Gives Thanks

September 20th might be an ordinary day for most people, but for Richard Hammond it’s a special reminder of all the things he could have lost. Back in September 20th 2006 Hammond was filming a segment for Top Gear where he attempted to break the UK land speed record in the jet-powered, Vampire Dragster. According to Top Gear Wikia:

Hammond was completing a final run to collect extra footage for the programme when his front-right tyre failed, and, according to witnesses, “one of the parachutes had deployed but it went on to the grass and spun over and over before coming to a rest about 100 yards from us.” When rescuers arrived at the car it was upside down and “dug in” to the grass. Rescuers felt a pulse and heard Hammond, who was unconscious, breathing before the car was turned right way up. Hammond was cut free, put in a neck brace and placed on a stretcher before the air ambulance arrived. “He was regaining consciousness at that point and said he had some lower back pain”.

Now 10 years later, The Hamster had this to say:

We’re also glad you made it those many years ago! Let this be a reminder for everyone to not take things for granted, as anything could happen. The aftermath of the crash included him being airlifted to the hospital and “reduced to a child like state of mind” but managed to recover over the next few months. Richard Hammond later returned to Top Gear with such “a big fuss”, that it made it into one of our most favorite Top Gear moments!

We’ll also use this opportunity to remind everyone to call their mothers!



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