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Jeremy Clarkson Thinks Scooters Are Rubbish, And So Are Their Riders.

Jeremy Clarkson is one man who will readily choose raw power over efficiency, wastefulness over economy, and four wheels over two any day. Throughout the old Top Gear challenges, Clarkson will readily defend the necessity of the automobile over other forms of transportation. So when Clarkson sees a motorist on a scooter, like the Vespa GTS300 Super Sport, clearly he has only one thing to say:

“What sort of a moron would get about on such a thing?”

Very shortly after, Clarkson recognizes the fellow riding on the Italian scooter. Unsurprisingly, it’s none other than the Hamster himself, Richard Hammond.

We can’t wait until these guys get back on the air with The Grand Tour, when it premiers on Amazon Prime in Fall 2016. To watch the old Top Gear trio, you’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription and you can sign up and learn more details about the show by clicking here. To read more of our coverage of The Grand Tour head over here.


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