Murdered Out 488 Proves That Turbo Ferraris Do Sound Good

When the 488 GTB was announced and we found out that the naturally aspirated V8 in the mid-engined super car was being replaced by a turbo version, our hearts collectively sank. No more would we hear the wail of that glorious NA power plant. But there was some hope when a video emerged of a 488 going around a track. It didn’t sound all that bad. Now there are plenty of car spotting videos showing the 488 does sound pretty good, though it’s still no 458 with the NA V8.

But companies are looking to remedy that through exhaust work and, if you’re brave, some engine work. This is one of those examples. The guys over at Carscoops spotted this absolutely insane, murdered out, Novitec Rosso tuned, 750hp, Akrapovič exhaust clad 488 from American Wheel and Tire (AWT). Honestly, it looks incredible. I strangely like the white lettering on tires now, but that’s personal preference and I know many people who dislike the look entirely. This, however, looks fantastic.

And it sounds just as good as it looks.

What do you think, does this compare to the Ferraris of old? Are you a fan of the new turbo sound? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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