For Anyone Who Says The Ferrari 488 GTB Exhaust Is Boring, Show Them This Video

There was MUCH whining and bitching and moaning about Ferrari slapping a turbo on the new engine and car to take the reigns from the 458. So much so that people actually began to question whether or not Ferrari had made the right decision before the care even came out. This, is properly absurd.


I mean this is Ferrari we’re talking about here. Very rarely do they make poor decisions. Think about it this way, even when Ferrari makes a bad car or a car that’s not highly sought after or a car that’s not reliable or all of the above like the California before the California T, they always have their little quirks that make them special. Hang on to them long enough and they will undoubtedly appreciate in money.

So when people were buzzing about the looks of the 488, but putting it to the chopping block over it’s blown motor, I cried foul. Even more to the point, people were saying how the 488 would sound less epic than the 458. While the 458 does still sound better in my most humble of opinions, that’s because it’s naturally aspirated. Most NA cars sound better than their blown counterparts. However, on it’s own the 488 still sounds ridiculous and amazing. Here’s an incredible video of a lap around Hamilton showing you exactly what it sounds like.



(Source: YouTube)


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