Fan Response: Here Are Your Favorite Car Debates

The other day we asked you, our fans, what your favorite car debates are. We, mainly me, got tired of hearing about Hillary and Trump and decided to focus on autos since they are vastly more fun to talk about than politics. My submission was the American muscle car debate between Mustang, Challenger, Camaro, or Charger. What did you guys come up with?

Here are your top 5 favorites.

1) GM vs Ford

This one is as old as time itself, or so it might seem. GM and Ford have been going at it for many decades and it’s not going to let up any time soon. It’s not just muscle cars with these two. It’s hatch backs, SUVs, sedans, performance cars. You name it and they want to beat the other. The fans of these two companies are also fiercely loyal so when it’s debate time, you’re likely to see some pretty passionate people arguing. Possibly ending with a few punches thrown.

2) RWD vs AWD

There are merits to them both and this one will go on for as long as both of these drive trains are around, which will likely be forever. Many argue that RWD is the ultimate driving experience while other tout the AWD stability and traction as the greatest thing to ever happen to autos. Either way, you’re likely not going to have a bad time driving one over the other as both have great characteristics and aren’t FWD.

3) NASCAR vs F1

While both have rabid fan bases this one is pretty much a no contest towards F1 as far as skill level is concerned. Or is it? Back in 2003 Jeff Gordon swapped rides with then F1 drive Juan Pablo Montoya for a few hot laps around the Indianapolis road course. Not surprisingly, Gordon picked up on the speed very quickly. So are F1 drivers better than NASCAR drivers? Are NASCAR drivers not athletes because all they do is make left turns? [Ed. note: absolutely they are athletes] Are F1 drivers just prima donnas that have more interest in being famous than racing? That debate will continue to rage on.

4)WRX vs Evo

This one hits close to home for several reasons. I own a WRX, but hugely respect the Evo. Knowing some in the WRX community, I can say that this debate is one that I’ve had multiple times trying to tell people that the Evo is actually the more superior car while the WRX is the better daily driver. No matter where I turned there was always an argument to be had. Sadly, this argument can only refer to past generations as the Evo is now officially dead until someone buys Mitsubishi and slaps them for being stupid enough to kill the car off and revives it. Looking at you Nissan.

5) Tuner vs Muscle

Arguably the biggest debate of them all. Import vs domestic. Muscle vs Tuner goes a lot farther back than the first Fast & Furious movie, but that’s when it really got brought into mainstream culture and grew a new generation of gear heads. Everyone that grew up in the 90s knew about the tuning craze and muscle has been around since the 50s and 60s. Which is better? Depends on who you ask. Either way, you’re bound to get a great discussion out of it.


Thanks to everyone who submitted their suggestions!


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