Clarkson, Hammond, And May Were In A Cartoon And No One Noticed, Except You Guys

How did anyone not catch this before? When I say anyone I mean me or any other Shifting Lanes personality.

A huge thank you goes out to our fans on Facebook who spotted this clip from a children’s cartoon. The cartoon in question is a Disney show called Phineas & Ferb and apparently it’s quite popular. So popular, in fact, they got Clarkson, Hammond, and May to be on an episode back in Season 4 of the show.

Here’s a short description of the show according to IMDB:

Doof blasts the favorite to win the Montevillebad Grand Prix with his I-Don’t-Care-inator so that he has a better chance of winning the race himself. However, he finds himself racing against Agent P.

And here are the boys in all their cartoon glory.

What might be the funniest part of this is order in which the boys are listed on IMDB.


Why does May get 5th billing while Clarkson and Hammond get #1 and #2? I’m fairly certain James May is more famous, and funnier, than those other guys.

Either way, this  was a great spot by our fans! If you have any other great videos, fact, or news about the boys contact us here and let us know.

(Sources: IMDB and YouTube)


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