This $4.3 Million Dollar P1 GTR Is Road Legal And Rarer Than A McLaren F1

So here’s the thing. Us normal people can’t really buy hypercars. We don’t have the money or the relocation acumen to make it happen (this example is located in Holland).  The McLaren P1 GTR is a track only version of McLaren’s bonkers P1 streetcar. Fact is, everyone who enjoys cars knows that.

What they might not know is that certain examples of the GTR went through a processing center called Lanzante Motorsport. Lanzante, a British based company, got clearance from McLaren itself to transform some examples of the track only GTR to street legal versions. No less than 5 examples were made making it the more rare P1 in existence and even rarer than the legendary McLaren F1.

The 900 hp+ hypercar is only meant for track-use in factory condition, until British company Lanzante Motorsport got approval from McLaren to convert P1 GTRs for road use. It’s unclear how many GTR’s went through the Lanzante workshop so far, but we know of at least five examples that underwent the conversion.

As early as a year ago one of the first popped up in Italy with an insane asking price of $7.2 million. We recently came across this blue one in the Netherlands with a $3.5 million price tag, and now this black example for a cool $4.3 million.

$4.3 is a pretty penny, but with how the market has gone recently, rare cars are at a staggering premium. If someone were to get their hands on this thing and shelf it or put very few miles on it, they’d easily double their investment in 10 years, maybe less.

Our suggestion, start saving.

(Source: GT Spirit)

h/t to Motor1


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