Restoring A Hot Wheels Car Is Just As Intricate As The Real Thing

Car restoration is a mega business now. You have shops that restore old Ferraris, Porsches, hell, they even restore old normal cars these days. OEMs are even putting in high end original tuning shops into their  infrastructure. So if you own a real can and want it to get a total strips down and rebuild, you have options.

But what if you’re not into that or don’t have nearly the crazy amount of money needed to take on that project? What if you’re into, say, tinier cars? Well this guy comes to mind. BaremetalHW is a YouTube channel that specializes in show you how to care for and properly maintain old Hot Wheels cars. He even goes as far as to show you how he would restore one, which is the video below.

It’s absolutely nuts how much trouble he goes to to get every detail right, exactly as you would in a normal restoration show for a normal, real world car.

The car he chooses is a pitted and oxidized Chevrolet El Camino brethren called the Custom Fleetside. What he does to this thing is absolutely incredible and the final product is something that is making me want to dig out my old cars and send them to him to redo.

This is by far and away the most intricate Hot Wheels restoration I’ve ever seen. Have you seen anything better? Send them to us and we’ll update this post with all the incredible finds.

(Source: YouTube)

h/t to Motor Authority


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