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A 1964 Porsche 356 Just Passed A Million Miles With Surprisingly Little Maintenance

You’d think that a car from 1964 would need unending care and absolute prescision from highly skilled workers in a hermedically sealed lab to stay running. You might think that even more when I tell you that this car I speak of is a Porsche 356. Fact is, that’s not entirely true at all.

Guy Newmark owns a 1964 Porsche 356 and a few years ago he garnered some attention when he showed us that he’d driven 980,000 miles and was close to passing a million. What made us ever more thrilled about it was the fact that this was his daily driver.


What’s even better than all that? He’s really not needed much maintenance outside of anything routine according to Newmark himself. He says the car has never missed a 3,000 mile service, and that the engine has only had to be rebuilt 3 times. Take that in for a second. A car from 1964 has only had to have 3 engine rebuilds in it’s entire life. A Honda civic from the 90s would likely have to have the same thing done to it if one hit a million miles.

This is just more fuel to the fire that exotic cars are meant to be driven, not garaged and only brought out on the weekend. Own a LaFerrari? McLaren F1? 1964 Porsche 356? Drive it.

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