I Own A 2014 Subaru WRX Hatchback. Tell Me What I Should Do With It.

For those of you that read Shifting Lanes on the regular, you’ll know that I, Gregson, own a 2014 Subaru WRX hatchback. For those of you that are not regulars, I’m Gregson and I own a 2014 Subaru WRX hatchback. I love my car and it’s an excellent daily driver with plenty of power for the entry level enthusiast. But, after nearly three and a half years of ownership and the warranty expiring many months ago, it’s time for some upgrades.

I’m part of the ClubWRX forum and I know what mods are and how to mod and all that, but I want to hear exactly what YOU, the Shifting Lanes community, think I should do to this car.

Here’s what I use it for:

  1. Daily driving to work
  2. Hauling stuff on weekends
  3. Moving

That last one is a bit of a huge one as I’ve recently purchased a house so I’ll be using my sports hatch to help move all my crap from my current apartment to my new home in the coming months. Other than that, that’s all I use it for. Oh yes, I also take the back way to work nearly every day so factor in a bit of playfulness with these mod suggestions.

Things I probably won’t do with this car: throw in a built motor, throw in a turbo the size of the WRX’s ass, run 10s.

So have at it. What should I do, and why?


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