The DB4 GT Light Weight Makes You Feel Alive

Although today’s cars seem focused on removing humans from driving altogether, cars of the past remind us why driving matters. Stepping into a car like the DB4 GT Lightweight featured in Pertolicous’s latest film reminds us the cars are more than just appliances, they are companions.

Comparing a car like the DB4 to cars of today is like comparing a smartphone to a dog, sure you love them both but one is a tool while the other is a dedicated companion. Even though your dog may not listen to you all the time the organic bond you form is much stronger than that of a cell phone you plan to replace on a yearly basis. Cars of the past bombard the senses making the driver and car one as they cruise down the road as a perfect marriage of man and machine. The sounds, the smells, the lack of refinement are all the endearing qualities that build a true bond between man and machine.

When that machine is one of only 75 DB4 Lightweights ever produced it becomes a timeless bond worth sharing. The Lightweight unsurprisingly sheds crucial pounds when compared to normal DB4s. Its body was wrapped in Aluminum, the rear seats were removed, and the wheelbase was shortened to make a lighter more competitive basis for a road racer. Its high compression uncorked straight six produces a soundtrack that’s proven to be good for your soul and its 150mph top speed meant it was also fast.

The DB4 Lightweight GT laid the groundwork for the DB5 and the future of Aston Martin. It reminds of us a time when cars were crafted and driving wasn’t always easy.


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