Insane Police Chase Shows How Effective The PIT Maneuver Can Be

The PIT maneuver stands for a lot of things: Precision Intervention Tactic, Pursuit Immobilization Technique, Pursuit Intervention Technique, etc. However you define it, the PIT maneuver means something awful if you’re being pursued, as it has been designed to end the pursuit.

The maneuver is a fairly simple one: The pursuing vehicle would line up its front axles with an area behind the rear axle of the fleeing vehicle. The pursuing vehicle then gently contacts the fleeing vehicle. Once contact is made the pursuing vehicle steers sharply into the fleeing vehicle while also accelerating, forcing the fleeing vehicle to fishtail against the direction of the push. A second pursuing vehicle is normally needed to support the maneuver to help end the chase.

In the case of this high speed chase video four police cars were working in concert to take down a pickup truck that terrorized a highway in Virginia. Once the pickup was spun around several times, the police cars pinned it against the guard rails to ensure there was going to be an absolute end to the madness. If you’re ever dumb enough to get yourself into a high speed chase, just know that your day can end very badly when you see these cops in your rear view mirror.

(Source: YouTube)


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