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This Teaser Could Be Better Than The Trailer

The teaser for Fast & Furious 8 (or Fast 8, or Furious 8, whatever it will be called) was just released, and it’s not like your traditional teaser. It begins by reminding you that the franchise has gone through a lot of storylines, a lot of places, and shown a lot of different cars doing many fancy things. But it mostly emphasized family, which given its initial release in 2001 most viewers may have a full fledged family at this point.

After a lengthy reminder of how big and famous the Fast & Furious franchise has gotten we finally see some short clips of some behind the scenes of the new movie. Check the teaser below:

We saw from the teaser that Charlize Theron is going to make one badass villain in her role as “Cipher.” We also saw that they haven’t run out of ideas on how to wreck cars as we saw a giant wrecking ball destroying a line of cars, cars being launched out of really tall ramps, and it being sent off the end of parking structures.

The actual trailer will come out December 11th and we can’t wait to check it out! And if you haven’t seen some of the cars that’s going to be displayed you can see another sneak peek below:


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