Minivan Bought For $300. What These Guys Did With It Is Incredible

The 1993 Ford Aerostar Minivan is not a car that would make a mark in automotive history. It was ugly, it was tall, it was slow, and worst of all it was a minivan. Chances are the typical life of an Aerostar van was anything but what its name suggested. Rather it probably lived a life sentence of drudgery, filled with laborious commutes and snot-nosed kids squirting their juice boxes all over its grayish scum interior.

But not this Ford Aerostar.This one was bought, nay RESCUED, by these lunatics who got it for a measly $300. These guys then gave the minivan a name: Frank, Frank the Tank. Then they took Frank for one hell of a joyride, something the minivan has certainly never experienced in its lifetime. It turned out the rear-wheel drive minivan was quite a modest dancer and also the jumper.

Unfortunately, the adventure was a little too much for the minivan, which prompted these guys to give it a proper killing blow and sending Frank to a long deserved death. They took it for one last epic jump. Check the lunacy below:

(Source: YouTube)


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