Nut Job (Hero) Puts 160cc Gas Engine In A Power Wheels. The Results Are Awesome.

Want. SO much want right here. Not for the fact that this is exactly what the title says, but because I never had a PowerWheels as a kid.

Power Wheels, for those that do not know what they are (seriously who are you if you don’t know what these are), are small electric cars for children to play around with in a yard or driveway. They never get above 3-6 mph and are super safe to use. You know, until someone puts a Honda powered 160cc engine in one and turns it into a go kart.

This is trolling of intense proportions.

I love they put it in an escalade and not a sports car variant. Brilliant. Just all around awesome job here. I hope he rolls into a gas station to fill up and videos that.

(Source: YouTube)


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