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VIDEO: Drunk Driving Cop Got Caught, Begged, And Resisted An Officer

Police body cameras is a controversial subject, but you can’t deny that the video it produces sheds an incredible light into what police officers have to live through day by day. In this instance, the police officer’s camera captured an altercation with a fellow off-duty officer, Washtenaw County Lieutenant Brian Filipak, that was accused of drunken driving.

In the video the Lieutenant Filipak was pulled over after several 911 calls of a reckless driver. When confronted by a fellow officer he repeatedly asked to be let go and pleaded to pull over and sleep off his drunken condition. Refusing a field sobriety test he continued his pleads to the point where he was almost threatened out of the vehicle via a taser. Once outside, Lieutenant Filipak continued his begging to be let go and kept refusing a field sobriety test, which finally resulted in his arrest.

It’s good to see that no one is above the law…

Here’s the news clip below:


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